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who are Wignall Productions?

Established in early 2015 in tandem with the birth of their 2nd child and a house extension, one thing was clear from the start, Mel and Lee don't rest on their laurels- if a strong thought of creativity pops into your head, just act upon it and see where it takes you.


With a combined experience of 30 years in the film and broadcast industries, educational backgrounds in theatre design & construction, photography, film production and animation and a deep collaboration with the team at Ash Mountain Films (of which Lee Wignall is also a founding member) there isn't much Wignall Productions can't provide for your film production needs in all aspects of pre through to post production.

Mel Wignall (art director and model/prop maker) represents all things hands-on, with a long list of films and TV shows she has worked on over the years such as Hot Fuzz, The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus, Game Of Thrones, Angels & Demons, Dark Shadows, The Wolfman, as well as our own joint feature films with Ash Mountain Films- Dogged and Nefarious.

Whatever the budget, Mel can turn that money into whatever the production needs it to be- designing and building a full size bedroom/torture room set from scratch for £1,000 is no mean feat, but Mel did it anyway for Nefarious!


Mel's also valuable when it comes to time keeping and safety on set, with a no nonsense approach to getting the job done right!

Lee Wignall (motion graphics designer and video editor) represents all things digital, working freelance since 2005 for the likes of MTV, Nickelodeon, Fox, BBC, Sky, Channel 5, The Moment and so on.

Lee put's his hand to most creative work from motion design, to video editing, VFX, colour grading and compositing and whilst on set of the films Dogged and Nefarious, took on the mantles of 2nd unit director and "wind man"- if you need a breeze on your set and industry standard fans are out of budgetary means, Lee's there with a bit of polystyrene board and pure abs to simulate various levels of wind for your productions gusty needs!

Mel and Lee are a solid team, with a vast and varied experience, coupled with an always positive, can do approach that makes them an awesome choice for your briefs creative needs.

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